Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Put that Obsolete Bitcoin Mining Hardware to Good Use and Earn XRPs!

Ripple Labs just announced another XRP giveaway:

While you donate computing power to useful projects such as testing HIV and cancer drugs, or discovering new materials for renewable energy applications, you will earn points which can be exchanged for Ripples (XRPs).

Those of you with obsolete Bitcoin mining hardware (i.e. GPUs) can once again earn money by joining the Ripple Labs Team in the World Community Grid. Note that not all projects support GPU mining, but definitely CPU mining.

While I doubt this was an intentional jab at Bitcoin, it's sort of making a point that Bitcoin mining is a little wasteful.

Giveaway instructions can be found here.


  1. wow, is ripple still a thing?

  2. Great deal!
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  3. I switched to cloud-mining because I couldn't keep up with hardware. I payed just 0.07 BTC per 1 GH/s and it mines instantly for you. I can also sell it back anytime I want because they treat GH/s like tradable stocks in real time... awesome. These guys get the point. check it out:


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