Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bitcoin Alliance of Canada Makes Debut

By gathering key industry players The Bitcoin Alliance of Canada's goal is to cultivate Bitcoin knowledge and involvement nationwide. Press Release - 04/13/2013 - The concept behind the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada (BAC) was inspired by the need for accurate and professional media coverage of Bitcoin in Canada. Both on television and online, news typically doesn't properly address the dynamic aspects of Bitcoin. However, with Bitcoin use skyrocketing globally, the need for more concise and insightful information will only increase. The BAC is poised to become a reliable source of that information.
Knowledgeable Bitcoin users, those who are fluent in economics, those with a story to share, and merchants looking to start accepting Bitcoin will be key players in the development of Bitcoin in Canada. The BAC will exist to explain Bitcoin with clarity and professionalism. With more and more cryptocurrencies cropping up, businesses in Canada both interested in or already using electronic cash should keep up with news and facts surrounding these varied systems. The BAC hopes to strengthen the Bitcoin community by making all the news and facts accessible to the general public. The BAC will strive to clearly express new and foreign concepts common to emerging currencies like Bitcoin in order to avoid misconceptions and confusion, and to better appeal to a broad audience.
Support and interest is welcome in this endeavor to establish a strong, knowledgeable market in Canada that understands and accepts Bitcoin. For media requests, general inquires, or to participate please contact the BAC.
Anthony Di Iorio
Founding Member, BAC

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