Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Just Sent Barack Obama 0.2 Bitcoins

The innovation continues, and this idea is pretty cool. Those of you who are members of the Bitcoin sub-reddit are likely quite familiar with the Bitcointip bot that lets you tip commenters with Bitcoins. The program monitors comments in a limited number of sub-reddits and processes specific commands from those wishing to leave a Bitcoin tip. It's become a really cool way of introducing others to Bitcoin because they do not initially need Bitcoin accounts to receive tips.

Now the idea has been taken to the next level. 'Bitcoin Tipper' performs a similar function to the Reddit bot but applies it to Twitter. A user can create a Bitcoin Tipper account simply by following @bitcointipper and tweeting "@bitcointipper signup." The user will then receive a Bitcoin address which they can load with funds. Once you have money in your account, you can send Bitcoins to anyone with a Twitter account.

With this awesome new service, Twitter has suddenly become a global banking system with 540 million accounts. The best part about this is the ability to tip famous people with Bitcoins; I bet that will make things interesting quickly. To inaugurate this service (no pun intended), my first tip will be going to Barack Obama.


  1. Great!

    It would be even better if the message to the recipient included a conversion to USD, most people who receive tips won't know how much it's worth (or probably won't even know that BTC is a currency)

  2. Symbolic tip to POTUS? 0.2 BTC.
    Bitcoin Tipper? Priceless!

  3. You financial terrorist you! LOL j/k

    But really, did you want to give the President that much? Should have sent only 1 satoshi to make the point.

  4. Ok, just need 10.8 million more bitcoins and this sequestration is over!

  5. Include a link to on those donations and you might be into something.
    Or maybe a link to some page explaining how to get the BTC, kind of "How to use the Bitcoins I just received for dummies".


  6. Still appears to be a few bugs in the system. Unfortunately the support Twitter handle doesn't exist. More here:

  7. DEAD LINK: ""
    Should be: ""

    1. IMHO you should have sent those Bitcoins to Gary Johnson - he actually replied to a Bitcoin-related question!

  8. Someone else sent @BarackObama #bitcoin via a service called @PikaPay


    Now we're on his Radar!


  10. Now why would you do something like that? Sending money to one of the biggest statists around. That's antithetical to Bitcoin's freedom-oriented nature. If you are a supporter of freedom (ala bitcoin), you just did the opposite of that.

    Send it to Ron Paul, Adam Kokesh, Tom Woods, etc. Then you bitcoins would actually be going to a good cause.

  11. Send it to big merchants so they get a stake in Bitcoin's success!, for example.

    And as stated, dollar conversion is a must. Some info about how to claim would be nice.

    Other than that, great!

  12. That's about all he deserves...


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