Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Finally, A Bitcoinica Replacement?

A new Bitcoin exchange / leveraged trading service is set to launch in the coming weeks. Going by the name of "Kraken," it will be the first site to offer leveraged trading since the beleaguered Bitcoinica went offline last year. It will also be a Mt.Gox-like Bitcoin exchange.

I had the opportunity to browse the site, and it certainly looks promising. Hopefully it will be as secure as it is visually appealing.


  1. Perfect name. "Kraken"

    I assume they named it after Patrick Harnett's failed "Kraken" ponzi fund.

  2. Yay, more peeples can get scammed. It never ends.

  3. I'm the co-founder of a separate, Los Angeles-based bitcoin forex trading platform launching in the next few weeks, called Coinsetter. A few companies have launched platforms similar to this in the past, but we're committed to being the company that finally does it right.

    For those interested, you can learn more about our team and give us feedback on what you'd like to see us incorporate into our platform in the conversation we have going on in Bitcointalk at

    Again, we're here to do this right, and your feedback early on can make a big impact on where we lead development. So I look forward to all of your thoughts.

    Jaron Lukasiewicz
    CEO | Coinsetter


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