Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bitcoin Gambling Site Earns $230,000 in December; Raises Eyebrows

SatoshiDice just announced their revenue numbers for the month of December, and they were record-breaking (all numbers in Bitcoin):

December Statement

Earnings: 17,266.45
Hosting/Tech Expenses: 60
Loss Carryover from Nov: 0

Net Profit 17206.44888669

Volume over past 30 Days 527,708.52
Expected Profit over past 30 Days 10,026.46
Actual Profit over past 30 Days 16,632.74

Updated P&L 

Almost as impressive as their earnings was the cost of their overhead, an astoundingly small 60 Bitcoins.

You can read more about SatoshiDice in a previous article, here.


  1. I came for the eyebrows. I leave disappointed.

    1. Poor application of the expression. I was implying that the online gambling community would be interested by those numbers, and would probably want to explore how they could obtain a piece of the pie.

  2. Go West, you're an awesome resource in the bitcoin community

  3. The part where they also sold ~50k BTC worth of shares in the past month may also be interesting.

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