Sunday, March 4, 2012

10 Exciting Things About Bitcoin - Right Now

1) The success of Bitmit - Bitcoin's eBay. Over 550 listings and growing rapidly.

2) The boom happening over at Silk Road. While I don't condone the illegal applications of Bitcoin, the site's success if further proof that Bitcoin is a technology that fills a gap.

3) The appeal and rapid growth of, which is bringing in hundreds of new users each month and expanding exponentially.

4) Mt.Gox is about to launch "e-commerce solutions" this week.

5) Recent discussions regarding making Bitcoin truly anonymous.

6) The upcoming completion and launch of by the good folks at Tradehill (currently down).

7) The popularity of

8) The announcement of the upcoming Bitcoin Conference in London.

9) Through no fault of their own, tens of thousands of Bitcoins were stolen from various high profile Bitcoin businesses. Why is this good news? Not a single user was impacted as the owners chose to absorb the losses. It was also the first time that a major hack or closure didn't impact Bitcoin's market value.

10) And the most exciting news of all: you can now tip cows for Bitcoins.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Silk Road Growing in Popularity at Impressive Rate

On the Bitcointalk Forums, Blitzboom posted a recent snapshot of the Silk Road Forum stats, showing the site is growing rapidly.

On a monthly basis, more users are joining the Silk Road Forums than the Bitcointalk Forums!

'Bitcoins for Christmas' Donates 85 BTC to Habitat for Humanity

The March 1st deadline for reclaiming non-redeemed Bitcoins came and went and a non-trivial amount of Bitcoins were left in the 'Bitcoins for Christmas' sleigh: 85 BTC worth over $400.

As was promised, the leftover Bitcoins were donated to Habitat for Humanity, where they will be put to good use building homes for the less fortunate.

Thank you everyone for participating, especially the sponsors who helped us cover a portion of the development and hosting costs. 74 gifts were sent, totaling 250 BTC.

We look forward to doing it again next year!

Bitcoin Network Marks Three Consecutive Months of Steady Growth

Showing its resiliency, the Bitcoin network has continued to grow steadily since December of 2011, and is now on pace to challenge the network computation capacity previously hit at the peak of the 2011 "bubble".

Through all the politics, hacks and cons, this here is the proof that Bitcoin isn't going away anytime soon.

Vires in Numeris!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Bitcoin Arms Dealer Goes Live

First there was the drugs...

Then there was the sex...

And now, there's the violence...

Color me... not surprised.