Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bitcoin Quickly Becoming the Western Union for Virtual Wealth

A quick apology to my readers: my day job has been a little nuts and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future, but I will nonetheless take the occasional break to work on the blog. My enthusiasm and interest in Bitcoin has not waned in the least, and I'm still extremely excited about its prospects.


If you haven't already read my article on from October of last year, I encourage you to have a read. At the time, I felt Payward Inc. was tapping into the most logical and relevant market for Bitcoin; four months later and I dare say they've proven me right.

Since they opened their doors to the public, Ogrr's user base has expanded rapidly, with nearly 1300 members signed up as of today, and 800 registrations in the last month alone. More importantly, Payward's Jesse Powell reports that a large chunk of the new membership are gamers first and Bitcoin users second, meaning the site is doing a fantastic job as an ambassador for Bitcoin.

Ogrr's growth can be attributed to the fact that Bitcoin is hands-down the most efficient and inexpensive means for gamers to move their online wealth from one virtual world into another (or to the real world). Other sites, like BitMit, Bitcoin's most successful auction site, are also being used by gamers in a similar fashion.

In December, when Ars Technica touted Bitcoin as a potential competitor to currency-moving companies like Western Union, the article failed to touch on the potential for Bitcoin to impact the way virtual currencies are traded, which is a far more natural application for Bitcoin.

For the moment, there's merely a crack in a massive dam holding back a multi-billion dollar virtual goods industry from spilling into the Bitcoin economy. This crack will quickly widen in the coming months. Even today, I could conceivably slay a bunch of monsters in World of Warcraft and buy my very real dinner with the proceeds.

Thanks to the archaic banking system, Bitcoin isn't (yet) the easiest means of transferring wealth between the United States, Europe, or Japan, but it is definitely the easiest way to transfer wealth between Britannia, Norrath, and Azeroth. Based on Ogrr's performance to date, we're going to see Bitcoin catch on pretty quickly amongst the "citizens" of these worlds.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bitcoin Jesus is Getting Ready to Perform Another Miracle

Roger Ver, a.k.a. "Bitcoin Jesus," is on a mission to get Bitcoin into the big time:
"What sort of bounty is still available if I can convince the following company to accept Bitcoins publicly on their website?

Publicly traded on the Nasdaq
Stock price currently over $40
Market cap of over $500,000,000
Anual sales of over $300,000,000
Worldwide customer base.
Would greatly benefit from accepting Bitcoins as a payment method."

Who could it be???

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Earn Bitcoins by Performing Short Analytical Tasks -

Leveraging off the huge advantages of using Bitcoin for micro-payments, CoinWorker allows individuals or businesses to easily compensate others for performing tasks on their behalf.

Have a look at this thread for more information.

Spend your Bitcoins at 16 St. Louis Restaurants/Businesses with GrubGo!

Press Release:

GrubGo Restaurant Delivery Service:
First Restaurant Delivery Service to Accept Bitcoins

GrubGo Restaurant Delivery Service announced today that they will be accepting Bitcoins as an alternative payment method.  Their mission is to bring together two of the best things that Saint Louis has to offer, its food and its people.  By accepting Bitcoins, GrubGo has shown their dedication to staying on the forefront of technology.  Founders Gary Tripp and Matt Hanley have built the business as a hospitality company first, a marketing company second, and a technologies company third.  By utilizing an easy to use online ordering system the GrubGo team delivers a wide selection of items from steak to sushi and groceries to candy bars, from local, independently owned and operated establishments.

Bitcoin is the newest type of digital currency. It means that currency can be sent through the Internet from one person to another without ever passing through the hands of a third party. What makes this possible is a network via the internet, formed from the computers or smartphones of all bitcoin users.  GrubGo, the St. Louis based company, works with many restaurants and utilizes technology to streamline the ordering and food delivery process.  With plans for expansion into Chicago and other Midwest markets, GrubGo is really 'bringing something to the table'.

Matthew Hanley
Director of Operations
GrubGo Restaurant Delivery Service

Restaurant Delivery Solutions, LLC.
dba: GrubGo Restaurant Delivery Service

(314) 720-1083
855- Eat-GrubGo (855-328-4782)

Corporate Office
2725 Watson Rd.
Saint Louis, MO.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Global Collective Consciousness

In 1994, Danny Hillis gave a TED talk centered on the idea that human beings were embarking on a rapid, computer-enabled stage of their evolution, where change was happening at an exponential rate. What he couldn't pinpoint, however, was the final destination of that change.

Fast-forward 18 years later, and the end-state of this stage of our evolution has become a little clearer. Robert Tercek touches on it nicely:

Specifically, in the last year or so, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit have begun to demonstrate that they are incredible tools for enabling the global collective consciousness. A protest in Egypt is no longer a story told on the BBC that you pick up on your shortwave radio. The story is instead told in real-time by the protesters themselves, with videos, pictures, and words. The mainstream media has also begun using social media as its primary reporting tool (and making itself redundant in the process). More recently, the SOPA fiasco showed the US government that it can no longer pass laws in the shadows of secure government buildings where previously only hand-picked media puppets could "report" on the comings and goings of elected officials. The global collective consciousness is demanding transparency and accountability, and world governments are beginning to take it seriously.

Don't let stories of social media "addiction" shame you into stepping away from your computer. There's nothing wrong with fulfilling a desire to be part of something bigger than yourself. The fact that you realize this, either consciously or unconsciously, simply means that you're evolving with your fellow humans to the next chapter in our story. Whether this will all lead to borders falling, poverty disappearing, and some sort of Star Trek utopia remains to be seen, but we're certainly headed in the right direction.

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