Friday, December 21, 2012

Got the Smarts? Put your Bitcoins on the Line at

So, there I was, sitting at thinking to myself, "more people need to know about this site!"

Opened just two days ago, BitTrivia is exactly what it sounds like, a site where you can put your Bitcoins on the line against others in a no-holds-barred trivia competition. Got the smarts but never had an opportunity to cash-in on your talent? Now you can!

BitTrivia's design is intuitive and enjoyable, giving competitors a satisfying multiplayer experience. I've attended a few trivia nights at the local bar, and I would say that BitTrivia's bank of questions is a little easier than what you would find in a real life trivia competition, with the occasional stumper mixed in with the usual trivia fare.

The site takes a 10% cut of the prize-money, which can be as much as you're willing to bet, multiplied by the number of players who match your bet. If you're not feeling overly brainy, you can bet as little as you wish, but your winnings will never be more than you're willing to risk. Deposits are instant and withdrawals are as well, as long as your deposit has a single confirmation against it.

Update: the site now lets you play on your own!  If you get a question right, you automatically win 0.001 BTC - a great way to earn Bitcoins if you don't already have some.

I suspect the Bitcoin-backed online gaming scene has a lot of room to grow; BitTrivia is definitely a good example of its potential.


  1. Just tried Bit Trivia and LOVE IT! I'm not as brainy, so bet low, but I found the game entirely enjoyable, especially when I won!

  2. AWESOME site. Great, super simple implementation. It needs more players. I'll challenge you to it anytime.


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