Monday, December 31, 2012

Bitcoin in 2012: By the Numbers

Our humble digital currency continued to show resilience in 2012, growing in all respects and steadily building its user base. The expression "slow and steady" is a fitting descriptor; let's take a look at the stats:

The rate of downloads of the main client increased slightly toward the latter half of the year, with approximately 70,000 per month. 

The number of users of the popular "My Wallet" service provided by has grown nearly exponentially, especially over the last month. arguably has the most user-friendly mobile app for Bitcoin, which has likely contributed to the success shown in this chart.

Another popular client, MultiBit, receives approximately 200 downloads per day (6000 per month), which is quite respectable.

Always a favourite statistic is the exchange rate. Over the past year Bitcoin's value when compared to the US Dollar, and most other currencies, increased steadily, though there was a large spike and subsequent dip in August.

Interestingly, the current market cap is actually at a peak for 2012, exceeding the spike in August. This can be attributed to the fact that tens of thousands of Bitcoins have been introduced into the economy since August, though now at the slower rate of 25 per block. has been tracking several other statistics, including the number of items listed at Bitmit (an auction site that operates in Bitcoin), the number of users at Ogrr (an MMORPG marketplace), and the number of views of the "What is Bitcoin" YouTube video. All three of these have shown steady growth over the past year.

Bitcointalk forum membership growth and subscribers to the Bitcoin sub-reddit are also increasing steadily (charts again courtesy of

In the online gambling scene, things appear to be looking up as well. Bitcoin's top poker site, SealswithClubs, is gaining new users on a daily basis, with attendance at the tables on the rise:

Even the Bitcoin discussion on the TwoPlusTwo forums, the most popular poker discussion forum on the 'net, has 3,000 posts and 165,000 views!

Other notable stats:

Bets made at 2,354,830
Merchants using Bit-Pay: 1000+ in 98 countries (as of Sept 2012)

All-in-all, a very impressive year for Bitcoin. Here's to an even stronger performance in 2013!


  1. At the East Coast Bitcoin Summit a couple weeks ago Tony put out the number that they were over 2,000 merchants -- with 500 coming onboard shortly after the WordPress announcement.

    1. Really? 2000 already? That's amazing.

  2. I'm glad I managed to bump the views on the YouTube video by posting a link to /r/videos ;) -

  3. Here is my take on the one year bitcoin price circle:

  4. How about trying to bootstrap bitcoin even further, how about the exchanges taking out a tiny fractional percentage per trade to pay for radio, TV and other media advertising. Maybe even pay for the online presence of 1 new bitcoin business per month too, let's accelerate this thing to lightspeed.

  5. Some charts do not show the hole year but only one or two months...

  6. The retarded graphs in the end section of the article ruined it. And the credibility of this blog as well. From now on, I will downvote all the articles from this blog to hell.

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  10. This can be attributed to the fact that tens of thousands of Bitcoins have been introduced into the economy since August.


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