Friday, July 20, 2012

Bitcoin's Renaissance - The Stats

As Bitcoin has evidently found its second wind; let's take a look at the stats:

Number of daily transactions, excluding the top 100 addresses: record high.

Market cap: ~$80,000,000 USD: 10-month high.

Projected next difficulty: 1937112: record high.

MtGox order book depth: $3,300,000: 2012 high (at least).

Also, bitcoinity is back.  Bullish!


  1. Yay bitcoinity! Wondered if they were going to come back.

  2. Have mixed feelings myself, was planing to invest in bitcoin but then the price goes and doubles in the last month. Now I think the exact minute I go and invest ten grand in bitcoin the market will collapse.

    1. I felt this way, a bit, about gold -about ten years ago.


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