Sunday, March 4, 2012

10 Exciting Things About Bitcoin - Right Now

1) The success of Bitmit - Bitcoin's eBay. Over 550 listings and growing rapidly.

2) The boom happening over at Silk Road. While I don't condone the illegal applications of Bitcoin, the site's success if further proof that Bitcoin is a technology that fills a gap.

3) The appeal and rapid growth of, which is bringing in hundreds of new users each month and expanding exponentially.

4) Mt.Gox is about to launch "e-commerce solutions" this week.

5) Recent discussions regarding making Bitcoin truly anonymous.

6) The upcoming completion and launch of by the good folks at Tradehill (currently down).

7) The popularity of

8) The announcement of the upcoming Bitcoin Conference in London.

9) Through no fault of their own, tens of thousands of Bitcoins were stolen from various high profile Bitcoin businesses. Why is this good news? Not a single user was impacted as the owners chose to absorb the losses. It was also the first time that a major hack or closure didn't impact Bitcoin's market value.

10) And the most exciting news of all: you can now tip cows for Bitcoins.


  1. I'm also excited about, which makes it easy to send bitcoins to any Twitter user via a tweet. Haven't been able to find much info about it though...

    1. Awesome. Bitcoin is the king of the micropayment.

  2. Much more significant are:

    1. fpga is starting to explode and will make mining available to the avg computer user.
    2. Armory is introducing a host of new cool tools especially offline wallets.
    3. Multi sig wallets are right around the corner.
    4. the looting of the Linode accts has had essentially no effect on the price.
    5. Network hashrate is rising again.

    1. I mentioned number four. I definitely agree with the others - it's an exciting time for Bitcoin.

  3. i should also add:

    Eric Schmidt said Bitcoin is a great idea.

  4. I have to add a few other points.

    1) Bitcoin Magazine will be published any day now. As a pre-ordering customer of this magazine I'm very excited.

    2) now accepts Bitcoin so anyone can use crowdfunding for any film projects using Bitcoin! There is already one Bitcoin project that has been very successful:

    Overall I'd say things are looking bright. Great post once again.

  5. is another auction site that is rapidly growing.

  6. Dear Bitcoin Trader,

    I miss your optimism, your input, your insight. Thank you for keeping this sight going. I'm sure it's not easy.


  7. Dear Sir,

    What you fail to mention is that bitcoin is experiencing a period that is almost without precedent. THIS is what excites me.

    This past month has shown that while bitcoin DID decline markedly, it did also reach a price beyond which it would not pass. There exists a price which represents the value of a bitcoin.

    And that price is not without change. And that price is not zero.

    I suggest we not abandon things that change in value over time without due consideration. My rain boots change in value to me on a weekly basis, yet I don't abandon them. I do store them away. But only until they threaten to cause me more profit in the using than in the storing.

    But even when I misjudge their value, or their near-future value, I recognize my limitations. Rain is only ever a few clouds away. Whether I am to benefit from their use - or others - the boots care not. They exist regardless of my best judgement.

    Bitcoin, too, exists regardless of my best abilities to gauge its value to me and others. It's as if there are other people that may be able to find use in it, even if I or others might not at some point in time.

  8. By my last count, now has 720 listings. That's a 30% increase since GoWest's blog post (i.e. in two weeks time - that corresponds to an annualized growth rate of 100,000%). That is a pretty awesome growth rate!

    Go Bitcoin!


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