Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spend your Bitcoins at 16 St. Louis Restaurants/Businesses with GrubGo!

Press Release:

GrubGo Restaurant Delivery Service:
First Restaurant Delivery Service to Accept Bitcoins

GrubGo Restaurant Delivery Service announced today that they will be accepting Bitcoins as an alternative payment method.  Their mission is to bring together two of the best things that Saint Louis has to offer, its food and its people.  By accepting Bitcoins, GrubGo has shown their dedication to staying on the forefront of technology.  Founders Gary Tripp and Matt Hanley have built the business as a hospitality company first, a marketing company second, and a technologies company third.  By utilizing an easy to use online ordering system the GrubGo team delivers a wide selection of items from steak to sushi and groceries to candy bars, from local, independently owned and operated establishments.

Bitcoin is the newest type of digital currency. It means that currency can be sent through the Internet from one person to another without ever passing through the hands of a third party. What makes this possible is a network via the internet, formed from the computers or smartphones of all bitcoin users.  GrubGo, the St. Louis based company, works with many restaurants and utilizes technology to streamline the ordering and food delivery process.  With plans for expansion into Chicago and other Midwest markets, GrubGo is really 'bringing something to the table'.

Matthew Hanley
Director of Operations
GrubGo Restaurant Delivery Service

Restaurant Delivery Solutions, LLC.
dba: GrubGo Restaurant Delivery Service

(314) 720-1083
855- Eat-GrubGo (855-328-4782)

Corporate Office
2725 Watson Rd.
Saint Louis, MO.


  1. *16* restaurants? That's encouraging. Maybe a competitor will even feel obligated to follow suit. Who knows, maybe seeing enough "bitcoin accepted here" signs will eventually prompt someone to click further, and perhaps even use it.

    Given some time, it could be a data point to encourage bigger players that bitcoin works, and has a successful track record.

  2. Great Idea, wish I had something like that in Ontario

  3. Great news! I know there are other similar services in other cities. Maybe, if this is successful, they can be convinced to accept bitcoin as well.

  4. @ bc -

    "Given some time, it could be a data point to encourage bigger players that bitcoin works, and has a successful track record."

    Yup. I get down to St. Louis every now and then on business. You better believe I'll be hungry, with plenty of bitcoin.

    I need to get in touch with GrubGo though. There's a little chili joint I'd like to have them talk to...


  5. The post missed the URL for the page on the site re: Bitcoin


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