Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flooz | Beenz | Bitcoin

Flooz Beenz Bitcoin
Owner No One
Launched Feb 1999 1998 Jan 2009
Bankrupt Aug 2001 2001 Not Possible
Lifespan 30 Months 36 Months Ongoing
Venture Captial $35-$50 Million $100 Million $0


  1. Satoshi's background in cryptography, economics and programing didn't cost $0,00.

  2. To be fair, the real cost of anything cannot be expressed in monetary terms. Money has no connection to physical reality, and as such, distorts the values our society promotes. If we recognized reality as the only authority, the human species and the rest of the planet would be far better off.

  3. The point is no central authority can go bankrupt and put an end to Bitcoin.

  4. Its same as troc (exchanging service or good from one to one without a man in the middle doing profit) it's unkillable and 1 point will always worth one point exchangable. It's not illegal, you can buy anything, just like paper money.
    Legality is a point of view from political views.


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